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Juan is really one of kind. He is not the typical intimidating extreme bodybuilder who works at a gym as a trainer. Juan is a well-rounded person. Great listener, relatable, understanding, professional, and educated are my descriptions of Juan. Being able to adjust immediately is one of the qualities that I appreciate about him. Sometimes I’m unable to properly perform an exercise because of pain. He never makes me feel bad instead he quickly finds a different way to target the same muscles. Whenever we have a discussion about living a healthier lifestyle, Juan’s advice is always realistic and feasible. Just get up and move is what he always says. Juan is a well-educated trainer who really loves what he does and it shows through his work! Age range 30s.

Crystal Thornton, CNA

" I finished the Street Program after a stroke, and they told me, "Ok, that was your last session, now you are on your own. Go to a gym or find a coach who can help you." After trying with a regular fitness program with no exercises that were specific to my condition, I met Juan and everything changed. He helped me re-learn how to stand up, walk, gain control of my right arm, and to better use my body. He also helped my wife recover from a hip replacement, and to improve her balance and coordination. It turns out Juan has a degree in Physical Education and work experience from in physical therapy clinic. He has been helping people to recover from injuries for the last 15 plus years. Under Juan's professional instruction I have clearly made progress way beyond my expectations. (Stroke Patient). Age range 80+

Ted Poitras

Edward (Ted) Poitras, Stroke Patient

For anyone needing personal training, I would highly recommend Juan. His knowledge and ability to tailor a specific plan to meet your needs make him a truly great person to have in your corner. If you are looking for a real-world approach and need someone to help you along, look no further. He's your guy! (Golfer & Tennis Player). Age range 40s

Bucky Payne Jr., Golfer, Tennis

I started working with Juan to improve my speed and agility for football. Every workout was intense and different each time. Juan was very flexible with my schedule and was very dedicated to helping me improve my taking videos and analyzing them, and critiquing each movement to give me the most benefit out of each workout. After working with Juan my running form has improved, and I feel a better-rounded athlete.  (High School Football Player). Teen

Colton Buttermore, Hight School Football

Juan is a great trainer, during the short time I trained with him doing golf specific exercises. I quickly gained strength, flexibility, and stability in my golf swing. He truly helped me become a better player and get in better shape, and he will help you do the same!

Gage Carnes, Golfer

My Mom has worked with Juan for several years now and it has been a terrific experience for her! It has proven to be great for Mom’s physical and mental health. She looks forward to her sessions with Juan who is gentle, encouraging and supportive as they move through the various exercises he has planned for their morning workout. Juan always has a plan but is flexible depending on how Mom is feeling. Mom is just about to turn 88. Her physical health is pretty good for someone her age but, like so many her age, she has dementia. I feel so fortunate to have Juan as a part of our team of caregivers for Mom. Their sessions together have increased her strength, have helped her achieve much better balance, and they have increased her endurance as well. It’s been great for her and Juan’s good nature and gentle guidance is key to her success!! (Dementia, Hip Replacement patient) Age range 80+

Jennifer Caracappa, Daughter of my client (Kay G. Poitras)

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