Personal Training

This is for the athlete, for the non-athlete and for the post-rehabilitation patient.

(Services ar on-site & are available for teens, adults, and seniors)


You'll get a personalized program with exercises appropriate to your goals, needs, and your reality.

Check out my client's testimonials!

Sessions can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Get in contact for pricing and availability.


Service includes in your Personal Training:

  • Virtual posture analysis.

  • Physical fitness and mobility assessment.

  • Basic nutritional and eating behavior assessment.

  • Personalized, and guided exercise workouts. 

  • Basic nutritional advice (based on intuitive eating).

  • Integrative Stretching to help you develop proper physical integrity.

  • Exercise homework for when you are not with me.


Disclaimer: All clients need to sign a liability waiver, a service agreement, and a health history form before services are provided.

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