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Group Classes

Will I burn fat?

Understand that fat loss takes time and most of the weight a person looses at the begining is water. Your body needs to go through a process of adaptation before it starts eliminating fat. This will also depend on variables such as how frequent you exercise, the intensity with which you workout, your nutrition, etc. NOTE: There is no such thing as eliminating fat in a specific part of the body, i.e. arms, belly, glutes.

Will I lose weight and tone my muscles?

It may happen, and I will help you get there but I am just a guide. You do the work. But please understand that this is a very individual physical reaction and it is the result many variables (time, frequency, genetics, dedication, exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, to mention a few) and I cannot promise how or when will it happen nor compare you to somebody else. There are also cases in which people gain weight when they start exercising because they gain muscle mass, which is very healthy. Focus on feeling better, getting stronger, diminishing or eliminating pain, getting more energy, and functioning more efficiently instead.

Will there be a support group?

Yes, there is a private Facebook group dedicated to these classes that will work as support, inspiration, education, sharing success stories, recipes, and other related things. You will be invited/added to it once you take your first class. Group rules will be pinned at the group page.

Will we get a diet and supplement recommendations?

No. I only provide basic nutritional advise such as portion tips, cooking tips, recipes, and intuitive eating. I do not promote any restrictive or fad diet, cleanse or supplements. I will refer you to a registered dietitian or a medical nutritionist if you need one. Should you decide to engage on a diet or to take supplements you do this under your own risk. Please make sure that before the classes you have plenty of energy so that you do not suffer any injury or setback. Also, keep hydrated at all times.

Will we use equipment and accessories?

Yes and no. There will be a combination of body weight movement with a series of complementary equipment such as dumbbells, heavy exercise balls, balance ball, jump ropes, balance boards, battle ropes, weight plates, suspension trainers, among others. However there will be no specific combination to use these things, and there may be classes that are just with body weigh... but believe me, you'll have workout. Note: If you have equipment at home that you don use and you wish to lend it or donate it you are welcome to. Let me knmow in advance so that I can design the classes with it in mind.

Will I feel like I worked hard?

Yes, in most classes. However, some classes will be dedicated to activities that are not necessarily high impact or intensity. I.e. Mobility and Flexibility.

Am I obligated to exercise barefooted?

No, although barefoot training is part of a more complete experience. When we move barefooted, we exercise our feet, which results in better balance, functionality, and physical well-being. You are welcome to try it, and if you don't like it, you can use your shoes. There are also different brands that offer something called barefoot shoes which provide some of the benefits of barefoot movement but with some protection.

I have a health condition such as high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, fibromyalgia or a joint surgery/replacement. Can I join the class?

So long you have been cleared by your primary physician or specialist there should be no problem. Although it will be a group class I will adjust and modify exercises to your reality and needs so that you can benefit from them. However, you must read and fallout the liability waiver, service agreement, and health history form and be as specific and honest as possible about your condition.

Will I be judge based on weight, body size, age, or experience?

Not at all. I promote a no-judgement, inclusive, and accepting environment. These classes are for everybody and the focus is on improving function and well being. Whether you've never exercised or you have years of experience, whether you have a big body or a small one, or you are young or older, you are welcome to join. I will make sure that you enjoy an experience that is adjusted to you and that you are in a safe social environment.

What happnes if there is bad wether?

The Mead Botanical Garden's administration has been kind enough to let us use the barn across the amphitheater in case of bad weather, as long as it is not rented. I will be paying close attention to the wether and determine if the class will be outside or at the barn. In the case of storm, lighning, or hurricane classes will be postponed for the safety of everybody. In this case, if you paid in advance, your payment will be moved for the following class that you assist. In the case of cold wether (or hot wether) please dress appropriately.

What happens if you (the trainer) gets sick or take vacations?

If I get sick or have an emergency I will notify you in the early morning before the class so that you don waist your valuable time. In the case of vacations I will let you know with weeks (maybe even months) in advance so that you plan and pay accordingly. In either case (emergency or vacation) even though you will not be paying for a class I will have video workouts that you can acces on my website or that I can email you, so that you can do them at home, or get together with some (or all) class participants, until I come back. Later in the future I will hire another trainer that can help me with the classes and cover for me when I a absent. Of couse for this to happen the classes need to grow and have plenty of participants, and that's where your constant participation and referrals come in. Stay active, perticipatin, sharing on social medas, and referring people to come and join.

I have kids that I take care of, can I bring them with me?

Yes you can. However you are responsible for them. In past experiences some parents who have older kids (8-10+) even have them doing the class, so there is an idea for you. In such case you need to fill and sign the required agreement, the waiver, and the health history for them. You also have to pay for their participation. In other cases, parents let their kids play around within the area while they workout.

I am under 18 yrs, can I take the classes?

Yes you can. You must fill out the required agreement, the waiver, and the health history form with the help of your parents or guardian(s) and have them sign too.

What do I need to bring for the class?

Just bring your water (or preferred hydrating beverage), an exercise mat (or a beach towel) for floor exercises in case you are not comfortable laying on the grass, and your energy.

Personal Training


Are you like a choropractor or a physical therapist?

No. Although I have working experiences in the field of physical therapy and have also worked with chiropractors, I do not consider myself therapist. The stretches I do can help with handling and even eliminating pain (depending on the case), and correct body alignment and posture. I combine these with very basic myofascial massage. However, in the case of serous injury, need of spinal manipulation, or fresh surgeries I do not work with these. I can help once you have gone through your therapies or chirpopractic adjustments. I some cases I have helped clients during your their phisical rehab or chiropractic tretments by complimmenting the therapists' or chiropractors' work but with direct communication with them and staying within the parameters of their recommendations. The seme with rehabilitation exercises.

Do you stretch minors / Pregnant / Elder?

Minors: You must be 18 or older. Pregnant: No. Elder: Yes, in fact this is extremely beneficial to such population.


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