Quantum F.I.T

Quantum FIT is a physical education company dedicated to helping individuals and groups develop fitness and physical literacy and applying these qualities to daily living, occupation, and recreation through exercises, stretching, and educational seminars.

Juan Baez


(Founder & CEO)


Bachelors in Physical Education

Personal Training Certification

3D MAPS (Three Dimensional Movement Analysis and Performance System)

Myofascial Release Certification

That along with plenty of continuing education in Functional Training, Barefoot Training, Nutrition, Rehab Exercises, Golf Training, Therapeutic Stretching, Human Biomechanics, Motor Learning, Movement Analysis and Correction, Posture Analysis and Correction, Sports and Fitness Psychology, and Functional Anatomy among many others.

*M.B.A. Global Business Management / International Marketing 



Juan has worked within the field of physical education, and health and fitness in many different environments such as:

Public and Private Schools


Group Fitness Studios

Physical / Occupational / Vestibular Therapy Clinic

Commercial Fitness Equipment Industry

Nutritional Products

Rehab Service Promotions

Corporate Fitness

Training Athletes 

Such experience has provided Juan with very deep knowledge and understanding of what is important, what works and what doesn't, and most importantly with the open mind to change and adapt, and develop the concept of Integrative Physical Education.



There is no such thing as one size fits all or non-linear quick fix when it comes to health and physical aptitude, and taking advantage of my education, knowledge, and experiences I will help you according to your actual level of condition, physical literacy, and lifestyle without harmful extreme changes. All it takes is your commitment towards yourself, your physical education and well-being.

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